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Message From Pastor AJ

‘Tis the season for boxes, wrapping paper, bows, and special gifts under the tree. But the most important gift of all is the gift of hope, peace, joy, and love come down at Christmas. The most important gift of all is that God is with us, Emmanuel, come to earth in human form.

As we prepare to receive this gift on Christmas, each week of Advent we will unbox the gifts of Christmas through the human characters of the Christmas story. Whether it be Jesus’ ancestors who show us the inclusive nature of God’s Kingdom, or Joseph who encounters God in a dream at just the right time, or the Magi who help us think outside the box, there is a lot to learn form the Christmas story. We hope you will join us as we “unbox” these lessons every Sunday in Advent, and then join us for a celebration of Christ’s birth on Christmas Eve.

As you wrap your own boxes and gifts this season, may you also remember to “unbox” the true gift of Christmas given to us in a baby born in a manger.

Christmas Blessings,

Pastor AJ

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