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Joe Duke-Rosati “Hellraiser” Award

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My dear friends at First and Centenary, As was shared in worship (and as is included in this newsletter) it was announced on Palm Sunday that Bishop Oliveto intends to appoint me as the Pastor of Cong

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May 05

Hello community me and my family r fighting homelessness once again please keep us in prayer I have been dealing with that dragy friend if they Cnt go they lazy butt don’t won’t nobody to go. It’s has been a scam the hole time but I have faith in God that he will see the me I got the dragy friend disease that don’t want us to have a good time oooooooo this evil is pure lazy help me god my name is Ashley Holmes I am a mother my son is 14 if you have any charitable donations like blankets snacks motor vehicle and telephones please check out my profile and I can be reach via email

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